Melissa Stockwell is a wife, a mother, a veteran and a Paralympian. She took a tragedy in her life and turned it into an empowering journey - and strength and sleep were two things she needed along that journey. 

At 24, on her first tour, Melissa Stockwell was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army when her vehicle was struck by a roadside bomb. Her leg was gone. And when she was in the hospital, starting to recover, she looked around the room and saw other fellow soldiers that lost so much more. Melissa said to herself, "I'm LUCKY. All I lost was ONE LEG." 

It's doubtful that many people would have that same reaction, but Melissa isn't most people. She works now to honor those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. 

In addition to sharing her story, she's now become a Paralympic Triathlete. She competed in Beijing and won a Bronze in Rio. One thing that has helped Melissa on her path has been balancing that hard work with a good night's rest. "You need the strength you get from a good night's sleep." 

Melissa is now telling her story alongside the folks from Sleep Number, the experts in sleep. A yearly survey of military families said that 15% of all respondents indicated they experience sleeping challenges as a result of their military lifestyle. Sleep Number's SleepIQ technology is pretty amazing - it actually monitors your sleep and adjusts while you're sleeping! You don't even have to know what your Sleep Number setting is for it to work. 

Melissa even shared a tidbit about her hubby in a recent Twitter chat about how the Sleep Number technology helps her and her family: 

Finally, Melissa shared her biggest tips for better sleep: 

  • Early to bed - When she was training for the Paralympics, her bedtime was 9:30pm.
  • TV off! - Turn the TV off and have a nice relaxed setting. 
  • Phone on the charger - That's right, put the phone down - bright screens keep you awake! 

Thanks to Melissa Stockwell for sharing her sleep tips and her story. She has definitely inspired all of us at March On to take a new look at the challenges in our life. 

What challenges have you overcome in your life? We'd love to know more about you and your journey - please share in the comments below or on social with #marchonvets!

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