Camping Hacks - Grab your ruck sack for next FTX!

12 Brilliant Camping Hacks From When You Served In the Military

Remember all that great “field craft” you learned in the military?  Why did you forget so much of it as you became a civilian? 

Well grab your ruck sack for your next FTX (Family Training Exercise), because here are some of the best camping hacks you may have forgot!


1. Field strip your supplies to lose all the unneeded cardboard and travel light.


2. Baby wipes are your shower everyday.

3.  The folding chair.  So simple. So light. And perfect around the campfire.


4.  100 MPH tape to fix anything.   New trick is to wrap it around your water bottle!


5.  Gatorade mix!

(Remember how you had to drink liters of water in the desert and there’s no way you are gutting it all down without some Gatorade.   Same thing applies now!)


6.  Military headlamp for hands free camping. New trick is to use your water jug to make a lantern!


7.  Parachute cord.  (You know you will need it for a tent or a clothesline)


8.  Water can showers.


9.  Baby powder to keep you dry and prevent “crotch rot.”


10.  Dummy cord sensitive items like knife, flashlight, cell phone, etc.


11.  Woobie – I.E. Poncho liner.  Need I say more?


12.  Clean socks mean no blisters, Private!


Be sure to share your camping hacks with us as well! We can always use a little more help!

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